vol. 22 / staycation

vol. 22 / staycation


After the holidays, we all need a break, but the last thing we want to do is travel again. So… welcome to the staycation! This is our guide on how to escape - where to stay, where to eat and what to do - all within city limits.

(Unrelated heads-up: Monument Avenue 10K registration fees increase on March 1, so sign up this week!)

Home Away

From Home

First step to the ultimate staycation: book a hotel. One night or two, it's up to you!

Happily, there is a plethora of chic boutique hotels in Richmond from which to choose. Quirk Hotel is a standby, in all its pink-velvet glory. The Graduate is also quickly becoming a player.

But have you heard of the new kid in town? Located across from the Capitol, The Commonwealth just finished almost two years of renovations. Apparently, the names of rooms are tattooed on the doors. Intriguing. It's not so easy to Google (we understand), so the link's below.

After all, personally testing out accommodations is the key to good recs for your out-of-town friends.






We've been low-key saving our rec for Little Nickel until now. What's more fitting for a staycation than vacation cuisine?

Little Nickel is tiki bar meets upscale diner, finished with the Giavos family signature flair. That's fancy speak for it's all excellent: focused concept, creative well-executed food and drink as well as friendly service. This is Stella's heritage.

We'll be stopping in for the spectacle that is the pu-pu platter. Mostly because it's served flaming, but also because they put coconut shrimp and General Tso's wings on one plate. Of the cocktails, hit the Winterspice Painkiller. Also order the nachos. And the halloumi fries. Tell you what, bring friends.

The restaurant's only been open a couple of weeks, and it's already slammed. When you go, be patient. Remember, you're on vacation.


Monday - Saturday / 11am-11pm



As a resident, there are those activities that you never get around to because… you live here. Slow down and play tourist for a day. We've narrowed down the best options for you.

We all have our favorites, but the Richmond Beer Trail includes every brewery in the Richmond region (there are over 30!). Print out your map to be stamped at stops along the way -- five stamps will score you free gear.

RVA Trolley's Landmark tours will take you around town in style and teach you all the history you didn't know about our city.

After you get a close-up look, stop at City Hall for stunning 360-degree views of Richmond from the Observation Deck. It's only open 9am-5pm though, so make this your pre-dinner break.



Celebrate Our City

When you do have to leave town, take Richmond with you. Or flaunt your local status on a jog around the neighborhood. No matter how you wear it, our Rep T-Shirt is made for celebrating home.
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