vol. 21 / patron saint

vol. 21 / patron saint


This week: a trio of young talents making their mark. So be a patron and treat yourself to Italian food, classical music and new cookware.

Next week: our long-promised Staycation. One night in a Richmond hotel and then we tourist!


Italian Eats

We loved Four Fork's inaugural dessert pop-up a few weeks ago, but pastry chef Jess Widener's hors d'oeuvres revealed she has some serious savory chops as well.

That's why her mid-winter Italian dinner pop-up at The Broken Tulip is a must. Peep the full menu here. Cacio e pepe mezzelune?! Hard yes. We hear tickets for the 5:30pm seating are going fast, with a touch more room at 8pm.

P.S. Later in March, The Broken Tulip is hosting a pho pop-up as well!



Wednesday, February 28
5:30pm / eventbrite.com/e/four-forks-the-broken-tulip-530pm
8pm / eventbrite.com/e/four-forks-the-broken-tulip-800pm



Cavalier 21 is a new string orchestra composed of 21 of the best string players in Chesterfield County under 21. It's a classical group, but its sound is bold and youthful, fittingly. And way better than your high school orchestra.

The group's performance, Classical Incarnations, is at The HofGarden on Sunday, and only the second outing of its inaugural season.


Sunday, February 18 / 8-10pm

A Well-Appointed


In case you missed it: Accoutre, the specialty cookware and home goods shop, quietly opened in Scott's Addition at the end of 2017. Owner Bobby Bland is a seasoned chef and has curated a stylish but functional selection of goods.

This is not Williams-Sonoma. Think thoughtfully-made, unique pieces that will complete your home and kitchen. The name comes from the French word, accoutrement, or "to outfit," after all.

Heads up: Monday through Wednesday, they're only open by appointment. Best to pop in during their regular hours, Thursday through Sunday.


Thursday - Sunday / 11am-6pm