vol. 13 / spirits

vol. 13 / spirits

VOL. 13   /  SPIRITS

We thought about taking a week off for the holidays, in that elusive pursuit of balance. But then it occurred to us that, with all the time off, this might be when you're most in need of a few pointed ideas.

Never fear; we're here for you. Onward!

Last Holiday


Close out your Christmas celebrations with a festive bar crawl from Rapp Session to Pasture.

Rapp Session has transformed to Christmas Session with epic holiday décor aggressively adorning the space and menu additions to match. Catch the tail end of their FeedMore-benefitting raffle this weekend.

The buzz is strong with Pasture's eggnog. Originally you had to know to order the cocktail off-menu, but their eggnog has gotten so popular that it's earned its rightful spot on the menu. There's even a vegan version. Pasture will be serving it through the New Year!






Greenleaf's Pool Room is our secret weapon. With billiards, great food and a bar, there's almost no occasion or season where Greenleaf's isn't a great move. Date night, birthday parties, hang with the boys, hang with the girls - it's all good.

Specifically, though, we're thinking about that post-holiday lull, when all the festivities have wrapped up, when you have free time and no ideas. Greenleaf's is the move. Take the family or meet up with friends. Day or night. The pool tables offer some friendly competition regardless of talent. Have food and drink brought out to the tables or hover by the bar. Win-win.





Have you selected your champagne for New Year's Eve yet? There are those who already know the game and have that bottle reserved in advance, and those who just… don't. We're in the latter group.

If you're looking for a quick, thoughtful (and fun) education on the options, head to Barrel Thief tonight. You'll taste eight bottles of bubbly for a mere $25. And you know the pros at Barrel Thief won't steer you wrong!



Thursday, December 21 / 5-8pm