vol. 12 / wish for snow

vol. 12 / wish for snow


Last weekend's unexpected snowfall slowed the world and granted us permission to do the same. Whether a lazy afternoon by the fire or a brisk snowball fight, every activity was suddenly, magically more festive.

So, we're wishing for more snow. Until then though, a few ideas to delight this weekend.



Tonight through Saturday, Jewish deli dream Perly's is celebrating Hanukkah with a special three-course prix fixe dinner. Just $23 for a menu loaded with all the classics - catch a glimpse on their Instagram. Best to bring a friend and casually split the entire offering.

Reservations aren't required, but if you've witnessed their lunch rush, you know it's best to book that table.

PS we believe Perly's is home to Richmond's perfect fries - any challengers??!



Through Saturday / 5-9pm


& Biscuits

The Brunch Market may literally be a slice of heaven on earth. There's shopping, but the thoughtful sort where you find unique gifts and support local small businesses. There are biscuits, the delicious sort that are scratch-made and layered with egg, cheese and bacon. 

But this Sunday is the holiday edition. The last Brunch Market of the year. So they're going big with Lunch.SUPPER specials like Gingerbread French Toast Bites and spiked hot cocoa with Belle Isle Cold Brew Coffee Moonshine. Also, say hi to the DJ.


Sunday, December 17 / 11am-4pm



Surely you've heard of the Terracotta Army, the nearly 8,000 life-size figures found at the burial site of the First Emperor of China. It's astounding.

Once you think about it, the questions pile up. Why did they build this army? How were the figures miraculously preserved?

The VMFA's recently opened exhibition provides a lot of answers. Their audio tour makes learning the history more like storytime, but if you skip that, the museum laid out some easy-reference books and helpful diagrams along the way.

Especially fascinating: the breakdown on how the terracotta figures were built - check the back corner near the end of the exhibit.



Through March 11

Season of Giving

For the person who thinks everything of our city. For the friend who moved away and remembers Richmond fondly. For the neighbor who makes your block the best.

For them - or for you! The Rep T-Shirt.
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