vol. 86 / chance

vol. 86 / chance ✨

VOL. 86   /  CHANCE
Chance is in charge this week! Chauncey Jenkins, who performs live under the stage name Chance Fischer, is the General Manager of Lemaire Restaurant at the Jefferson Hotel. When he's not running the show at one of the area's most celebrated restaurants, you can catch him on stage throughout the region. He's a Richmond native that loves bringing people together from diverse backgrounds to enhance the meaning of community. As our guest editor, he's changing things up a bit by focusing on Monday tips! 
Monday can be the most loathed day of the week for some. But for those in my industry, it's known as the second day of the "bartender’s weekend.” For me, it's a day of reflection and restoration. I clean the apartment, read, and write songs to reenergize myself. I’ve also made it my duty to never be bored on a Monday evening. Here's how ...



Nestled on Brook Road across from Gallery5 is the best gelato shop in all of Richmond––Stoplight Gelato! It’s cozy with a little bit of outdoor seating, and perfect to start off your Monday. I was first awestruck by a black pepper and ash sorbet, but recently their pizzas have been my love affair. Paul Winston, alum of Sub Rosa and Dutch & Co, has rolled out some sensational classics at Stoplight Gelato. A personal favorite is the asparagus pizza, which comes fully outfitted with goat cheese, basil, and garlic. It's clean, herbaceous, savory, and elicits an immediate grin. All of the pizzas at Stoplight have a soft crunch, gentle dough, light char, and demonstrate an understanding of how to let ingredients speak for themselves through simplicity and harmony. Finish your time off at Stoplight with an affogato––gelato drowned in espresso made to drown out your worries.




Beer Co.

What better way to bridge your Monday afternoon than with competitive games over good drinks at Bingo Beer Co? Play beer pong outside on their patio, or my favorite, Giant Connect 4, on one of the couches. There’s also Skee-Ball, which I have now turned into a competitive game although it really shouldn’t be. While at Bingo, take advantage of the draft Old Fashioned for a proper buzz. The Old Fashioned is a nitrogenated pour coming out silky and pristine. And for beer offerings, Bingo’s Fassionola Gose is a galaxy among stars. Inspired by the dominant ingredient in the Hurricane cocktail, the Fassionola Gose is a tiki drink in a brew, oozing with passionfruit and tropical notes glissading across the palate. A fun note for those whose appetites are just as big as mine: Monday nights are $5 Burger Night at this capital of EATertainment! 


Every Monday at Bingo / Burger Night 

The Roots

Jam Session 

Monday evenings in Richmond should be intentional. Plan, plan, plan and start out with an evening destination in mind to avoid couch sitting. I always choose to end my Mondays with live music. In my journey through music, I've met few people as talented and visionary as Calvin Brown, who goes by the stage name Calvin Presents. Every Monday, in The Dark Room at The Hofheimer, Calvin invites a host of musicians for an unrestricted jam session. The Roots Jam Session is a “who’s who” of the burgeoning music scene in RVA where you’re likely to see everyone from touring musicians to sprouting talents getting their first shot at the spotlight. I've fallen in love with a new act every single time and it has become a Monday ritual. Calvin’s glowing soul can make a stadium feel like a living room, and it's the intimacy of Roots that makes it most special. Boasting boundless improvisation, endless reinvention, and eternal self-awareness, Roots is the perfect nightcap. Get there early and pair the soothing sounds of the evening with an Old Forester on the rocks from the bar, or three.


Every Monday   /  8 pm
Calvin Presents: The Roots Jam Session at The Dark Room

RVA Cocktail Glasses are Here!

This special collaboration with artist Hamilton Glass features his signature #Whosham RVA logo laser etched around the entirety of these stunning double rocks cocktail glasses that are perfect for a locally made beverage of your choice!