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VOL. 81   /  JACKPOT
Let’s get down to business. You’re in for a real treat with this week’s guest editor – Jack Lauterback. You likely know Jack as the co-host of "Mornings with Melissa and Jack" on 103.7 Play, have read his “Punch Drunk” column in Style Weekly over the past 10 years, or follow his lively RVA commentary @Jackgoesforth. This week, we asked Jack to let us in on his top three ways to explore this place we call home. Take it away, Jack! 

It's almost the weekend. Time to EAT, DRINK & MOVE! I'm a big fan of the work hard, play hard mantra. If you want to overindulge that's fine, but life is all about balance. You have to make up for all that playtime somehow. Here's how I attempt to do it.



Any proper workout requires fuel and while I'd gladly eat nothing but Tostitos and salsa for every meal, the value of putting the right nutrients in your body has finally been impressed upon me. Thanks Courtney! My favorite way to go about this - without upping the calorie count too much - is bowls. Proteins, veggies, fruits, quinoa or brown rice (sometimes.) It's relatively foolproof. Plus it makes up for the 8 1/2 I'm going to have Friday night. Mmmm, 8 1/2. 

Jack's Picks -- Poke Sushi Bowl VCU (pictured), The Pit and The Peel, and Goatacado



Chug water. All day, err day. Then you won't feel too bad meeting friends late on Saturday afternoon at Virago Spirits for some of their incredible in-house handcrafted cocktails. Check out that huge pot still in the middle of the room. And then check out what's coming out of that pot still. Also, take a Lyft. 


1727 Rhoadmiller St.



Warning, the following recommendation is not for the weak-stomached. Occasionally on Sundays my fiancee and I want to have a few beers, but, we also feel like we should be working out. So we simply figured why not do both? Starting at our place in the Fan we can easily cover 7-8 miles and 4-5 breweries, stopping at each for a beer before continuing our run. Again, caution is advised -- especially after a couple of heavy IPAs. PS. Final Gravity Brewing in Lakeside actually has a running club, that yes, involves drinking beer.
Side tip: For every mile you run and beer you have -- donate $1 to Richmond Animal League or Richmond SPCA. You don't have to, but it sure does make you feel better about running tipsy down Monument Avenue.  


Jack's Run Route: Vasen Brewing ---> Veil Brewing  --->  Garden Grove Brewing ---> Canon & Draw Brewing (where, it should be noted, they have Mario Kart)

Hidden Here.

Member Perk: Book a stay on Sharp's Island, located in the middle of the James in downtown Richmond, in May or June and score a hidden treasure (a bottle of Belle Isle Moonshine). Just let us know when you've booked a getaway and plan to paddle over.