vol. 36 / around the block

vol. 36 / around the block 🌳


Getting back in the groove after a long weekend can be tough, but there are so many things to look forward to this weekend.

First on deck is our next Here. Happening – keep reading!



You’re invited to our next Here. Happening!

Join us at Meadow Park for one of our signature leisurely afternoon picnics.

Stop pre-picnic at Garnett’s for a sandwich (our favorite is The Manny) or salad, and they’ll even handily package it in a picnic basket for your trip across the street. Don't forget a slice of pie!

Other quick spots: Red Cap Patisserie for a sweet or savory meal, for heroes and pizza, or Shields Market for a country Greek salad and a Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwich to beat the heat.

We’re so looking forward to an easy, chill afternoon with you. Feel free to bring friends; we'll provide some surprises. (In the case of rain, DM us on Instagram, and we'll share our back-up location!)



Saturday, June 2 / 1-3pm
Meadow Park at Meadow St. & Park Ave.



Richmond foodies unite! Broad Appétit is this Sunday afternoon, and 70+ of the city’s best chefs will prepare mini dishes for $3 a pop.

The day's menu was just posted. Essential stops include last year's Broad Appétit winners Maple & Pine and Everyday Gourmet, while Pasture and Mama J's always deliver.

Insider Tip: Despite the bliss of endless food possibilities, it’s usually blazing hot. Take a break from the heat and visit some nearby retailers for AC - and retail therapy - between courses.

As if that wasn't enough food this weekend, you might stop by the Greek Food Festival for your annual share of yahni and baklava before Sunday to free yourself up for Broad Appétit. There's even a drive-thru now!




Kate Magee

Ever wonder where all our stunning Richmond photography comes from? Example: the stunner magnolia picture above. Meet our photographer, Kate Magee.

What we love most about Kate's work is that it has soul. Whether she's capturing our city, a business or a family, she finds something peaceful and true in her images.

If you're not already, follow Kate on Instagram. Or hire her to capture family memories or tell your company story with meaningful visuals.

Kate's work has sent her around the world, but however far she goes, she always gets pulled back home to Richmond. We're glad her talents are local to us.

Thank you, Kate, for allowing us to explore the best of Richmond through your images!



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