vol. 35 / summer skies

vol. 35 / summer skies 🌌


This week is all about embracing old-school summertime memories. You’ll find both classics and hidden gems in the mix this week.

We want to know your hidden gems, so hit up our Here. Hotline and share your insights with us. You may just see your idea in a future issue...

Holiday weekend, here we come!

Ice Cream


At Charm School Social Club, things are different, in the best way. If you’re intoxicated by the smell of handmade waffle cones and intrigued by flavors like avocado and cereal milk, you’re in the right place.

One scoop is never enough. Morgan Botwinick, owner of Whisk Bakery, keeps it cool at her new shop, Scoop, with the Pint Club. Members get three pints per month – count us in! Your favorites from Whisk may take on new life in ice cream when Scoop opens, so stay tuned!

Gelati Celesti is a tried-and-true favorite, but if you’re looking for something more novel, visit NarWhal’s for a rolled ice cream treat.






Spend an evening outside at Goochland Drive-In Theater’s new addition: The Grove. This secondary screen offers an alternative for movie-goers: outside, in-ground speakers. This allows you to recline on chairs or blankets outside your car while enjoying the double feature of the night!

Visit this weekend to see Life of the Party and Deadpool 2 at The Grove, or stick to the old-school drive-in at the main screen, showing Solo: A Star Wars Story and Avengers: Infinity War.

We were pleasantly surprised to see such a stacked lineup of major recent releases – and what an awesome way to view them!





For starry-eyed members, take a summertime classic next-level: visit a Dark Sky location for prime star-gazing.

The Dark Sky Places Program preserves and protects dark sites through responsible lighting policies – aka it’s the most picturesque way to view constellations through natural darkness and clear skies.

With only 25 certified parks in the world, we’re fortunate to have pristine, breathtaking skies within driving distance. The Staunton River State Park in Scottsburg is the first and only site in the state.

Our friend, Jonathan Piques, sparked this idea with this picture he took! Share your most-treasured starry shots with us by tagging @here.weekly after you visit!


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