vol. 16 / skills

vol. 16 / skills

VOL. 16   /  SKILLS

Are you joining for our Here.Happening this Sunday?! It will warm you right up... This is also a private event, just for us; check the description below for the password.

The best reasons to venture out are below, whatever weather we're thrown.

Next week's newsletter: staycation! Who needs a break?


Food Festival

Richmond's tradition of food festivals is strong, fortunately for all of us. We get tastes of so many cuisines while supporting key culture institutions in our community.

This weekend, the 11th Annual Richmond Jewish Food Festival at the Weinstein JCC is on! We like this as a dash-and-dine option - by that we mean: pay for your food and bring it home for lunch or dinner. Recommendation: order a little bit of everything, gather a group, and try it all! Be ready to patiently and graciously battle it out in the parking lot.



January 14-15 / 11:30am-7:30pm



There are just a few spots left for our Braising for Beginners class this Sunday! We're pumped because Belmont Butchery is opening up their shop just for us. Given the bomb cyclone temperatures, how does a stew with fall-apart braised beef sound?

Come out and cozy up as we learn techniques from the experts, enjoy a generous sampling of recipes, and finish with a complementary beverage. Take the class, then plot a dinner party to show off your skills!

Tickets are $25; use password EatMeat.


Sunday, January 14 / 1-3pm


Work of Art

Speaking of skills, now is a great time to sign up for a class at the Visual Arts Center; they just released their spring catalog that offers more than 200 adult classes. Whether you're knocking out a new resolution or advancing an existing talent, you'll easily find a format that fits your schedule: multi-week, intensive, or First Friday samplers.

And the subjects? Learn how to use that fancy camera - very practical in our Instagram generation. Tintype photography or Super 8 Filmmaking: less practical, but serious fun. Screen printing and planters are so hot right now. And jewelry-making?!