vol. 65 / enrich

vol. 65 / enrich 🗻

VOL. 65  /  ENRICH
This week, we wanted to give you the warm and fuzzies - but without the snow. So, a few ways to warm your heart, your cheeks and your belly.

'Tis the season!

The Giving


If you're like us, you wish you did more to give back. To help you with this, we try to identify worthy, turnkey opportunities so you can get right to doing good.

Just launched in the last week, The Giving Wall connects the urgent, unique needs of those living in poverty in Richmond to those who want to help. One might need a pair of boots, help fixing a car, or a boost to cover a small debt.

This is where you come in. You can easily browse those needs on The Giving Wall website, then select which you'd like to support. The Giving Wall staff vetts every request and ensures the delivery of your sponsored good or service.

Check the site out, and let's give this young organization some early momentum.




17th Street

Farmers Market

At this point in the month, we are straight market-ed out. So relax when we invite you to another market.

Long under construction, the 17th Street Farmers Market is gracing downtown once again. You won't be buying goods just yet, but why not go ice skating and scope the new scene out? Don't know what to do with the fam over the holidays? Get them out and moving on the ice, then hit a restaurant to fuel back up! We're excited to see this Farmers Market blossom this spring.




Baking Co.

Admittedly, we have a sweet tooth. But it's our job to follow all the bakeries in town and tell you when one is onto something, right? Listen up, we've got a good one.

We’ve had our eye on Lark Baking Co. for a while now and have tried all their tasty treats served at Ironclad Coffee.

But then we noticed something intriguing. Their Mechanicsville location - now serving breakfast (read: biscuits) - is repeatedly selling out. And their Christmas orders are fully booked. There's some serious demand for this scratch kitchen, and we are willing to get in line for it. Question is, when do we go? Breakfast? Friday date night for cake by the slice? Solid options...



Prints Are Flying!

Our limited collection of Kate Magee x Here prints are selling fast!

See which prints are left, and pick up your orders from our office Friday, December 21.

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