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vol. 55 / kiddos 🍭

VOL. 55   /  KIDDOS

In our survey a couple weeks back, many of you expressed interest in more kid-friendly ideas. Little did you know we had a kid-themed issue already lined up!

To those readers who may not have children, don't check out just yet. Who knows when you'll next need to entertain family or friends with little ones? Consider this ammo for that moment.

Without further ado, meet this week's guest editor: Steve Krieger. His credentials? He's a father of four, all under the age of seven, making him an expert on entertaining kids in Richmond. Hailing from Midlothian, he never imagined that he’d end up living here, but it was time abroad that gave him new appreciation for our fair city. Now he works at a Richmond-based consulting company and uses weekends to break out of the house with the whole fam to explore the city. Take it away, Steve!

Hi there! When it comes to young kids, everyone knows about Belle Isle, Maymont, Brown's Island, etc. I wanted to recommend a few other kid-friendly spots that are supremely enjoyable for all.



A vineyard may not be the first thing that comes to mind when dreaming of family outings, but newly-minted Upper Shirley Vineyards packs quite a punch: less than 30 minutes from RVA, open fields for picnics/ball throwing/frisbee/general kid chasing, panoramic views of the tidal James River, and of course, delicious vino.
Bonus: Engender Instagram envy from all of your friends and get your cardio fix by biking there via the Virginia Capital Trail.






No, not the newly-renovated underground museum, though, that's great too. The Capitol Square is the 12-acre public park surrounding the historic capitol, within the perimeter of Broad, Bank, 9th and Governor Streets. This is our go-to “we’re done eating dinner, but it’s not bedtime yet” spot.  
The brick-lined walkways are shaded by large magnolia trees and feature statues as well as fountains celebrating historical Virginians. It’s a fun place to meander on a steamy RVA night. The capitol is perched on the top of Shockoe Hill, and the view from the stairs is killer – any self-respecting D.C. monument wishes it could gaze out on such a view.
Tip: If you go after 5pm or on a weekend, parking is pretty easy to come by.





A somewhat hidden gem of the James River Park System, Huguenot Flatwater is directly underneath the Huguenot Bridge and encompasses the water just downstream of the bridge and all the way upstream to Bosher's Dam (beneath Chippenham).
Centrally located, it's a prime spot for a weekday pre-work paddle. When it's warm, you're guaranteed to see Osprey and you've got a great chance of spotting bald eagles and otters, as well. When the river water level is not too high, the paddle is about 35 minutes from the put-in to the mist from Bosher’s dam - the perfect distance for a light workout before hopping back in your car and heading to work. 



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