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VOL. 51   /  AMPED UP

Hurricane Florence slightly changed our coverage plans this week; she's impacting many plans up and down the coast. As you hunker down and ride out the storm this weekend, consider booking some of these forward-looking happenings.

Stay safe out there!



Last year’s Rebelle Con is making its first outing as the expanded concept, "Rebelle Community," with this coming Wednesday’s panel discussion.

With Instagram being such a central component to most marketing strategies these days, Team Rebelle handpicked panelists to offer insight on their success stories. These are accounts with depth, more than just selfies and hashtags, helmed by some local talents who have put in the work over the years to build their audiences.

Lessons Learned from Social Media Influencers will feature Brittany Mullins, Janie Medley, Amber Karnes, and Lex Daddio, as they spill their secrets on how to run a successful and fun business Instagram.



Wednesday, September 19 / 5:30-8:30pm

Futures: Massey

on the River

A major player on the Richmond scene, The Massey Alliance was founded to raise awareness of and support research for VCU Massey Cancer Center, one of Virginia’s leading cancer research facilities.

This organization hosts a number of amazing fundraisers year-round. Of the lot, we have our eyes on the annual Massey on the River on Mayo Island.

Get in on the action and join 1,000+ guests for live music by Three Sheets to the Wind, a silent auction, craft beer, wine, dinner and desserts. Last year, the event raised $90,000. Now that is a party.


Friday, September 21 / 6-10pm

Futures: Gold Cart

Goes to School

This pop-up was originally scheduled for this weekend, but we still think it merits attention, so put on your calendar now!

The pop-up masterminds behind Gold Cart have the unique ability to subvert any theme and make it crazy cool. This weekend, they’re taking on back-to-school nostalgia!

The team will transform Helen’s on Main Street with this throwback of amped-up lunch lady food, fun cocktails and dollar beers - you know, as only Gold Cart can deliver. Peep the full menu on Facebook or Instagram. Bonus: the pop-up will benefit Richmond Public Schools!

Reservations aren’t necessary, but we recommend heading out early before popular menu items run out.


Sunday, September 30 / 6pm

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