vol. 7 / saturday races

vol. 7 / saturday races



The Here. Hotline is live! What hidden Richmond gem should we be covering? Want to partner with us? Tell us more. 

The Richmond Marathon is on Saturday. Surely you have a horse in that race, so find a spot along the course to cheer. Maybe the runners will inspire you to jog a couple miles this week? If not, head’s-up that traffic patterns will be nutty for a few hours as you move around the city.

Now, let's have some fun!



Hey! This is tonight! After a short hiatus, Nerd Nite is back.

The Nerd Nite concept is pretty simple. A pair of speakers expound on any topic they particularly geek out on, the crowd asks some questions, and everyone’s eating and drinking.

At The Answer tonight, Nerd Nite is bringing back past favorite speakers: photographer Casey Templeton on NatGeo assignments and David Fleming on PSA-making secrets. Going off-script, two spoken word artists will perform to close the night.

Pretty sure nerding out is real cool, so come with.



Thursday, November 9 / 7-9:30pm


East Coast


Triple Crossing is bringing in a host of East Coast breweries for their one-day inaugural East Coast Covenant Beer Fest. You could cover a lot of ground in the short drive to Fulton Hill.

Go for the guaranteed 4 oz pours from each of 24 breweries (does this seem like a lot to anyone else?!) and meet the brewers themselves. Burial and Interboro are tops on our list. Plus, we hear there’s a Foam and TC collab?! Stay to explore Triple Crossing's new mural and for their house-made Neapolitan pizzas.


Saturday, November 11 / 5-8:30pm



Dessert Pop-Up

This week’s recs did not originally include this event. How would a Sub Rosa Bakery all-dessert pop-up not immediately sell out? Inexplicably, but luckily for you, tickets are still available.

Sub Rosa’s Ben Lee will offer a three-course dessert tasting menu using seasonal ingredients, for a very accessible $25. Wine pairings also available!

Your Saturday night: catch the leaves and so-early sunset from Libby Hill Park, amble over to dinner at Dutch & Co. or The Roosevelt, then a casual three rounds of dessert.

PS: this.



Saturday, November 11 / 9:30pm