vol. 43 / on a roll

vol. 43 / on a roll 🌀

VOL. 43  /  ON A ROLL

Thanks to all of you who stopped by The Brunch Market on Sunday! It was so fun to meet some members and welcome new ones. Keep the upcoming markets on your radar; based on the amazing vendors this past weekend, you can count on plenty more in the future.

Fun perk for you in today's newsletter, and your last chance to sign up for our Boho ride tonight!

Weekend, here we come!



We’re not beauty experts, not by a long shot. Which explains why we were so skeptical of the facial serum sample we received at Rebelle Con last November. What even is facial serum? (Again, not beauty experts.)

It took us several months to try that little blue vial from Richmond’s own Maven Made, and now we regret every day this miracle wasn’t in our lives. We. are. obsessed. Addicted. But in a healthy, self-care-y way.

Maven Made’s facial serum has drastically improved our skin and has given us major glow. Plus, we love the zen ritual of the evening application. It just feels like a treat, and the smell is dreamy. #notsponsored

We’re hooking you up with a perk (which we’re using on those astrological rollers): use code HEREMAVEN for 15% off purchases through July 31!






At long last, Richmond finally has a good bagel place. In fact, Nate’s Bagels was recently named the best spot to get bagels in Virginia.

Proudly standing at the corner of S. Allen & W. Cary, this shiny new (and orange!) establishment seriously brings it. The bagels are hot and fresh like the coffee, and we highly recommend their breakfast sandwiches (our fav was The Glamper).

The shop is the fun kind of busy, so grab a friend and head there for a quick breakfast this weekend!



River City


River City Roll makes for a solid night out. It’s a complete experience: drink, food, activity. Bring a pack of friends or a first date.

Our signature bowling alley move (questionable that we have one…) is, when inputting your names on the screen, skip your given names and use famous diva or sports star names. Imagine hollering that it’s Cher’s turn or congratulating LeBron on his strike.

While you’re playing, you’ll obviously need nourishment. This isn’t average bowling alley food. The seasonal menus are adventurous but approachable, and the fries… unreal.



You Can Ride With Us

Oh, you like living on the edge and waiting until the very last minute to book tonight's Boho ride and wine tasting?! Or did your plans for tonight fall through? You're in luck; we have a few spots left...

Reserve a remaining spot now, and, while you're at it, why not invite a friend to do the same?
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