vol. 40 / river city

vol. 40 / river city 🌊


They don’t call Richmond the River City for nothing. This week, we’re supplying you with the ultimate guide to the James for festivities to last this weekend, into the Fourth and all summer long.

Let’s roll!

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Recent heavy rains have raised the water level and added a little zip to currents. That's not ideal for swimming, but those are perfect conditions for a guided rafting trip!

Riverside Outfitters offers quite the variety of rafting trips for all adventure levels. The Lower River trip brings insane views of Richmond’s skyline plus Class III and IV rapids. Insider tip: this trip, among others, are discounted on weekdays! For our members chasing a thrill: check out the guided whitewater Duckie trips.

June 29 (that's tomorrow!) is your last opportunity this season to catch a Friday evening sunset trip… think calm vibes and great views. Plus, when you get back to the shop, you’ll enjoy a drink under the stars. Talk about the dream Richmond evening.






If only walking on water were possible... well, you’ll come pretty close on The Pipeline. This metal catwalk stretches atop the giant stormwater pipe intersecting the river in downtown Richmond.

Finding this secret spot is half the adventure! Drive to the address below in Vitals, turn left onto East Byrd Street, taking a path to the floodwall and pipeline parking. After parking, follow the gravel path along the outside of the floodwall until you find the Pipeline sign on your right. Just climb down the ladder, and you’re set!

Go for the gorgeous views or hop off at various spots to relax on some sandy spots. P.S. it’s a fantastic photo opp!


261 S 12th St.



To top off your river excursion, visit the main area of the James River Park System in Reedy Creek. There’s a few spots to find parking for easy access to this 2.6 mile trail stretching from the Atlantic Coast railroad to the Manchester Climbing Wall.

While walking, biking or running along the trail you’ll find several secluded, peaceful spots to enjoy the river. If you’re looking for a new place to hike, take the Buttermilk Trail and then reward yourself with a nice picnic lunch.


Parking located at:
4190 Riverside Dr.
4300 Riverside Dr.

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