vol. 33 / savor

vol. 33 / savor

VOL. 33  /  SAVOR

You’ve likely heard of creating a bucket list – all the big things you want to do over your lifetime. This weekend, give some thought to your summer bucket list. What do you want to explore, and who do you want to spend time with?

We’re compiling some ideas of our own, and we promise to keep you inspired all year long.

Get ready and go!



Wedding and graduation season is coming faster than you can say “here.” Flowers are a tried-and-true, beautiful gift, but they wilt as quickly as they bloom.

Carrie Walters of Paper Rose Co. has a solution – she crafts stunning handmade paper blooms that last, and goodness, do they look like the real thing! We love these arrangements as outright gifts and may also try them as a wrapping paper topper.

If you’re still looking for a way to celebrate mom, swing by Paper Rose’s pop-up at Madewell in Short Pump this Saturday to snag a last-minute gift.






Has the temperature spike left you craving a crisp PBR? Us too. Except we’re craving the crispy crunch of a pie from the soon-to-open Pizza & Beer of Richmond – yes, PBR. A number of new pizza joints just opened in the Fan, and we want to try them all. Why not grab a slice at each, since they’re all in walking distance?

After PBR, The Hop Craft Pizza & Beer for your choice of over 300 beers and an American-Sicilian fusion pizza with made-in-house crust. To end your trek, head to Pupatella for a wood-fired Neapolitan slice. What more could you want?



Futures: Served

& Serving

You know a charity’s doing it right when it hosts an event so compelling that you’d go even if it weren’t for a good cause. The ChildSavers’ Supper at Sunset is just that – an epic four-course dinner served al fresco with a spectacular view of downtown Richmond.

But let's not forget the charity we’re supporting. Local non-profit ChildSavers is doing important work to support the mental health and developmental needs of children who have endured traumas. We attended last year’s event, and the emotional presentation of their mission was at once smart and moving. Dinner is the least we can do.


Thursday, May 24 / 6pm